This Week’s: Tattoo Youtube Videos

Elissa Mae
2 min readJul 14, 2020

Hey guys! I started to put together sort of like a subscription list for those who are really interested in tattoo culture and lifestyle Youtube channels. Below is the most newly uploaded videos by some Youtubers that you may like!

First up we have treacletatts here with a part 2 to the “Trying American Snacks” series!

Next up is Bailey Sarian, not mention previously on this blog, with a new murder mystery! She may not focus on tattoos but for all the true crime lovers you will definitely love her channel!

The next upload is from a veteran of this blog, Barbara Crane! I always see it as a treat when she uploads and get super excited to watch her videos! This week she comes to us with a “Tattoo’s I got for Free”

The next influencer is also new to our blog but if definitely not new to the Youtube sphere. Meicrosoft is a tattooed Youtuber based in Canada. She also very rearley uploads ( is getting more frequent) but always comes at us with very high quality content. This week she brings us “ Reading Mean Tweets”.

Another regular on this blog, QCKND, has uploaded again! This time she brings us a throw back video and talks about the ever so nostalgic film “ Harriet The Spy”. Definitely recommend I throughly enjoyed this video!

Last but not least we have Snitchery, mostly a beauty blogger but has some really interesting tattoos. She is new to this blog but not new to Youtube. She is not as active on Youtube as she is Instagram but she has come to us with an updated hair video! This video goes over how to grow your hair and lashes super fast.

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you would like more of these types of subscription blogs!