Changing Tattoo Culture Through YouTube

Elissa Mae
6 min readMar 8, 2020

For myself, it is hard to connect with many people I see through the phone screen. Many of the online influencers that I have tried to follow over the years quickly lose my interest because of the lack of connection I feel with them. But nonetheless, there are a good handful that I am able to connect with. The difference with this handful of people is that they are honest, personable, and love to just have fun with their audience.

This brings us to our topic today, how these YouTubers are shaping tattoo culture and changing it through their work. These ladies are dedicated and hard-working. They attract people because of the connection that they have with their audience. They are great at hitting stereotypes on the head and turning them upside down, standing strong against haters, and are just overall kick-ass.

@quietcoolkid on Instagram

One of the YouTubers that I have been following for years goes by QCKND (Quiet Cool Kid No Doubt). Amanda started out on Tumblr and made her way to Youtube and Instagram. One of the first series that drew me to Amanda was her Tattoo Talk Tuesday videos. As someone who was breaking into tattoo culture I thought that these were super informative

One of the things that has always stayed with me is that she is always very real with her audience. No matter what she is going through she tries tries to make sure that her audience is taken care of and that they don’t feel ignored. Subscribers are not just followers to her, they feel like family and they are always open to talk to one another.

@quietcoolkid on Instagram

Amanda not only has a bunch of exciting tattoo content but she always showcases what she loves whether that be vegan food, anime, home decor, or even just exploring Philly. Many of her followers also really enjoy her fashion videos. Amanda has a very unique style and she has showed us time and time again that thrifting is the way to go.

She shows a side to being tattooed that isn’t normally seen, the real life. She is not some person who is caught up in vanity or rude to others, through her youtube we see that she is kind and love to explore her interests. This is so important and is exactly why I have chosen her for this article because we need people like her to break down the barrier that are tattooed stereotypes.

If you are interested in following her, I have linked her YouTube as well as her Instagram in this post!

@treacletatts on Instagram

Next up is another YouTuber that I have been following for quite some time, Treacle Tatts. Her youtube is filled with different types of tattooed content, from the process to react videos, you really cannot go wrong with anything on her channel. One of the great things that draws people to Lauren is that she has a great “give no fucks” attitude. In all of her videos we really get to see how the real Lauren is. After watching her videos we feel as if we are just sitting with one of our closest friends having a great conversation.

@treacletatts on Instagram

If anyone is curious about what it is like to go to a convention or Lauren is there to take you along with her through her tattoo journey and it is wonderful to see how much she has accomplished and shared with her viewers throughout the years.

@treacletatts on Instagram

One of the main reason that I had chosen her for this article is that Lauren is not afraid to call out things that are wrong in the tattoo community. In her Tattoo Etiquette videos we see her reacting to some of the most popular videos on the internet and giving us the real ~tea~.

The video below is a great example of how Lauren is not afraid to point out the obvious issues with people like sexist tattoo artists and fight against the stereotypes that plague tattooed women.

If you are interested in following this badass women, links are all above!

@barbaradzerve on Instagram

Another talented and beautiful tattooed YouTuber is Barbara Crane. Barbara is a vegan tattooed YouTuber who has been sharing tattoo culture and process on her YouTube channel for two years now.

Barbara has shared a lot of her tattoo journey but she also tries very hard to connect with her viewers. She does many Q&A’s and also Judges her viewers tattoos in many videos. She also is very good at responding to those who comment on her posts and has been very sweet to all of her viewers.

One thing that has really drawn me to her channel is that she also has videos that give advice to people to want to get tattoos. Starting out first getting tattoos can be nerve wrecking but Barbara has videos that explain, what to expect when getting your first tattoo, how to get good ideas for your tattoos, and even how to deal with people who hate your tattoos.

@barbaradzerve on Instagram

Barbara’s creativity shines through what she does and it is one of the reason why I picked her for this list. She puts so much of herself into her content that you can get to know Barbara by just simply paying attention to all of the things that she puts out on her channel.

But her work doesn’t just stop on YouTube, Barbara has good interaction on Instagram as well. She uploads stories of herself doing her daily work and includes her followers in on what she plans to do for the day. This is a huge step in making yourself more accessible to your followers and promoting a good connection between herself and her followers.

One of the most important takeaways is that her platforms aids in educating people on how the tattoo community works in an honest and non-judgemental space for all.

If you are interested in following her check out all of the linked content in this article!

If anyones has suggestions on other badass tattooed YouTubers let me know and we can put it in the nest installation!